Livia Radwanski is a Brazilian documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Mexico City. She received a BFA in Film/Animation/Video at Rhode Island School of Design in the United States in 2006. She worked at Pochron Studios, a fine art photography printing and retouching studio in New York City before moving to Mexico in 2007 where she has been developing long-term documentary multimedia projects investigating housing in Megalopolis, popular culture and gender issues in Latin America.

The exposure to several cultures at an early age determined her profound interest in understanding and exploring  themes that are culturally specific and the way it can be transmited and translated outside its own context.  

Commercially she works within the architecture/cultural/film industries.

Her work has been exhibited and published  internationally in venues including the Wellcome Foundation (UK), Modern Art Museum (Mex), Centro Cultural de España (Mex), Ansteys Studios (South Africa), among others. 

Her work has been published in Piauí Magazine (BRA), Vice Magazine (MEX) , Gatopardo Magazine (MEX), Travesías Magazine (MX), Horizontal MX (MEX), Il Reportage (ITL), Tierra Adentro (MEX), Contemporary Annual (USA). 

She is available for commissions and collaborations worldwide. 

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